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Medstar Leads National Patient Satisfaction Survey First Quarter 2012

“Patient satisfaction is the most important feedback we can get from the patients that we serve,” according to Dan Stringer, EMT from Medstar Ambulance.  Based on the first quarter results in the national EMS patient satisfaction survey, Stringers opinion is shared throughout the organization.  For the fifth time in six quarters, Medstar led the Michigan benchmark group in overall patient satisfaction; and with only two exceptions, led in responses to every question in the survey.


Medstar has participated in the nationally benchmarked survey since 2004, and undertook an organizational objective in 2010 to improve patient satisfaction scores.  “We were doing ok in the survey and direct feedback from patients, but we knew we could do better, said Susan Burkhardt, Director of Customer Service.  “By carefully examining the feedback we received, and communicating the results and goals with our field, dispatch, and billing staff, we were able make a significant change in the survey feedback almost immediately.”


Medstar moved into first place among large Michigan providers in the last quarter of 2010, was the highest ranked agency in the national benchmark in the second quarter of 2011.  With one exception, Medstar has retained the top ranking in Michigan since 2010.


The survey, performed by Lansing based EMS Survey Team,  is utilized by many of the largest EMS agencies in the country, and patient satisfaction surveys are a requirement of the  Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS,) the “gold standard” of the ambulance industry.  Medstar has been CAAS Accredited since 1999, and was one of the first agencies in Michigan to receive the distinction.  The survey is mailed to patients after they receive service from the EMS providers, and the results are received and tabulated by the survey company.  Results are published monthly for the participating organizations, and quarterly reports aggregate the monthly scores and provide benchmark group rankings.  Medstar participates in the group with the largest transport providers in Michigan, as well as the largest survey volume providers in the national benchmark group.



“The survey data and the patient comments that accompany it are critical  performance indicators,” said CEO Kolby Miller. “While we pay a lot of attention to clinical outcomes, response time performance, and safe vehicle operations, knowing the patients perspective on the compassion and skill of our personnel, as well as the environment that we provide, really is the best information that we could receive.”  Survey data is distributed throughout the organization, and the three EMTs and paramedics with the highest individual scores are recognized by the Medstar Board of Directors and CEO each quarter. 


Bob Canon, Clinton Township Supervisor and long-time Medstar Board of Directors member, said that the survey results demonstrate the quality of the company in the eyes of those who use it during their most critical times.  “As a board member and township supervisor, I see the quality of Medstar in their commitment to safety, technology, training, and clinical excellence all the time.  The value of the patient survey is that it shows that all of those key elements come together for the individual patients in a way that provides the absolute best care available.”


Miller says that the sustained leadership of the survey is a direct reflection on the quality of personnel at Medstar. “When we made this a goal in late 2010, we didn’t do it to be a short-term objective, however, we didn’t expect to remain as high in the survey as we have.  It’s clear from the survey results that our personnel throughout the organization are willing to expend the extra effort and attention necessary to maintain this level of quality.” 


Medstar is a not-for-profit emergency and non-emergency organization serving municipalities and facilities in Macomb and Wayne Counties.  Founded in 1993 by the merger of two competing private companies, and led today by a board of directors comprised of local healthcare and community leaders, Medstar now transports over 50,000 patients each year. Medstar gives back to the community through CPR training, Automated External Defibrillator (AED) grants and donations, and medical coverage for various civic and community events.



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